Wounded by War

I always enjoy each and every guest we have on the podcast, some are friends, some strangers, some become business partners and content creators along with our brand. It's how life goes right? I was pleasantly surprised this week.

I was introduced early last month to a former Green Beret who was medically retired after being shot during combat. Kevin Flike is a unique individual, he comes off as very forward, you can tell he's intelligent as his words glide to your ears with punctuation. He has a strong posture but you can tell he carries a heavy burden, one built in the trials of war, stress, and being a family man whose had to fight to survive. The balance of life and death nearly tipped the wrong way for Kevin. 

I started to ponder on what his mission and message meant to me personally. After my injury I spent a time feeling sorry for myself, and admittedly still have those days I have to pull myself up by the boot straps and carry on. I think for me as a host of a podcast it's important to get people on like Kevin who can share these stories. We all have our struggles but listening to a man who stared death in the face and simple said "not today" puts everything into a different perspective. 

I took a bit of time after this episode to just reflect. I've ventured down the narrowing path of war and have had friends pass away but I never looked back for whatever reason. Survivors guilt, ashamed of the life I led after they passed, was I living in my brothers honor or was I simply just surviving? I still don't know the answer to that. I do know that speaking to men like Kevin, who's courage and strength is on display daily, has made me a better man and has made me able to battle my demons a little more successfully. It's like when you're in a role playing game and you start adding members to your party till you're strong enough to get passed that annoying boss. That's my life right now, finding party members to level me up. I can say with full confidence that meeting Kevin gave me some experience points and some life lessons I hope to hold dear to me forever on my journey. I walk a little taller, little straighter, little more proud knowing I have people like Kevin on this journey with me. Hoping I can make them proud and stay on track. Hope you get a chance to listen to this episode and take something from it...I'm just trying to live a better life and help others see there's always hope. Cheers!