The Brethren Collection Background

I've had numerous people reach out to us asking where the idea for the Brethren Collection came from. We tossed around multiple ideas for the first collection we wanted to release, but the "Brethren Collection" just made the most sense given where we see The Kensington Corner going. 

Featured in the collection are Blackbeard, Jack Rackham, and Bartholomew Roberts. The pirates we've featured were trailblazers in their own right. While their methods are something we don't align with, what is undeniable about these men was their unwavering commitment to personal freedom. They defied kings, countries, navies, and armies so that they could leave freely how they saw fit to do so. Most people are unaware that these men took their commitment to freedom so seriously that they created their own Pirate Republic called "The Brethren of the Coast" which is where we drew the name from. The Brethren of the Coast was pirate coalition based in Port Royal, Bahamas. These men lived completely free of any rule but their own. 

Their willingness to defy the norm and go their own way is what inspired us to start the Brethren Collection. We at The Kensington Corner feel strongly that we are moving in the right direction towards raising awareness for veteran mental health and not letting anything stop us from doing so, and we want to take all of you with us on that path.

We at The Kensington Corner chose to highlight the commitment to freedom that these pirates held themselves to, and the commitment to doing things your own way. Our sponsors The Green Beret Foundation, Alpha Elite Performance, Frontier Coffee Company, 13 Bar Performance, Out of Regz, Doc Spartan, and TruPatriot all have that same pioneer spirit, and we wanted to honor that with our first collection of shirts. 

The Brethren Collection is now available in our store. You can check them out here. A portion of all proceeds go to The Green Beret Foundation, so every shirt purchase supports Green Berets and their families. 

We look forward to the future, and as always we appreciate your support.


- Sam, COO