Our Journey

  • Air Cooled Porsche 911's: The Perfect Off-Roading Oxymoron to Bug Out In

    The Porsche 911. Everyone knows it, and just about everyone loves it too. An enduring icon, the Porsche 911 is absolutely everything a driver could...
  • Pipe Hitter

    Thomas writes a review about the Sugar Skull Pipe hitter from Alpha Elite Performance.
  • Keeping Busy and Optimistic During Quarantine

    Well, today marks Day 12 of Quarantine. Or Day 25. Is it week 25? No wait, its year 37. That's right, I forgot I'm now in my 60's. Hard to keep tra...
  • Wounded by War

    Life lessons, good friends, and a dedicated path to success. Thank you, Kevin.
  • Let’s get technical

    Aside from the podcast we all hear, the behind the scenes is often unseen. Corey fills you in a little about some of the TKC technical aspects and how they came to be.
  • The Brethren Collection Background

    I've had numerous people reach out to us asking where the idea for the Brethren Collection came from. We tossed around multiple ideas for the first...
  • Thank you for your service.

    Tom reaches out and thanks all those who have purchased a shirt thus far while giving updates on what's in store in the near future.
  • The Best Job I've Ever Had

    The Kensington Corner was created to support veterans, their health, and their mental health, and to bring business to veteran owned companies where everything is made right here in the USA. That may be old fashioned, but that's exactly how we like doing things around here, and we're going to keep it that way.
  • From the arctic circle to sunny California. The adventure it was meant to be.

    Podcasting? Veterans? Did I ever think I would be a part of helping with both? Absolutely not in my wildest dreams. Fortunately, thanks to being a veteran and having a terrific network of connections and contacts as a result, here I find myself thoroughly indulged and involved in one of the top upcoming veteran based podcasts. So more specifically, who am I? Where do I come from? How exactly did I become involved with TKC? Missions, goals, etc? Well, here you go
  • What Started It All

    Tom and Jeff set out on a journey that has had many up and downs and now has an entire team dedicated to the cause. Let's take a look back at how it all began. Two friends journeyed together to embrace enough courage between the two to discuss issues that sometimes see foreign to a man's upbringing and culture. Unafraid and determined they set forth on this path that they still walk today. Things have changed, evolved, but the mission stays the same.