Keeping Busy and Optimistic During Quarantine

Well, today marks Day 12 of Quarantine. Or Day 25. Is it week 25? No wait, its year 37. That's right, I forgot I'm now in my 60's. Hard to keep track when birthdays aren't a thing right now. Time flies when its the only thing flying because planes are grounded because, you know, bat soup. 

Not all is sad, however. In the face of adversity, many people around the world chose to bring beauty into the lives of their neighbors by playing music and singing from balconies as a community. These gestures are what keeps everyone going during times of uncertainty, and it has certainly brought me joy during this time to see things like this.

During quarantine, we at TKC have been focused on bringing all of you as much content as we can create. We're churning out episodes like its our job (because it is). We wanted to make sure everyone was able to have a multitude of episodes to listen to while we're all stuck indoors trying to find ways to entertain ourselves. We have a bunch of great guests lined up in the near future that I'm really excited for. Mike Glover, a retired Green Beret and all around survival expert, will be joining us this week as well as Nic McKinley of DeliverFund, a non-profit organization that goes directly after human traffickers. Its gonna be a killer series of episodes and I can't wait for them.

While we bide our time till those episodes drop, I'll drop a quick list of ways I've found to keep entertained during quarantine, other than work:

1. There is nothing. There is only quarantine.

Hope this list helps. I put a lot of field research into it. Everyone stay entertained and be on the lookout for new episodes dropping soon. We've got a lot of great content coming out.

Sam - COO

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