The Best Job I've Ever Had

My name is Sam Swidensky, and I'm from Houston, Texas. I am writing this as a means of communicating with all those who support The Kensington Corner and to establish a clearer view of myself among those who follow the podcast and what we are doing at TKC.

The short of it is that I joined The Kensington Corner because I believe in people. Sounds jaded, old fashioned, and cliche, I know. But in this day and age when everything is so devoid of character, and businesses are blatantly transparent in their desire to just make a quick buck, maybe old fashioned is what we need right now. I joined The Kensington Corner because of the vision that our CEO Thomas Angel has for the future, and because of how TKC interacts with the veteran community. While I am not a veteran myself, I've always held military service members in the highest esteem I am able, and strive to support them to the best of my ability. The Kensington Corner is not a company that was started purely in search of the dollar. The Kensington Corner was started because every member of the team desires to help others, especially veterans, with mental health struggles and to be open and honest with each other about where we are in life. That is a sentiment and mission statement that I stand behind proudly.

The reason The Kensington Corner was created is not to make money. We do The Kensington Corner because of the messages we receive from all of you saying how the podcast has helped you in your daily lives, or how you were struggling with something and you've gained new perspective. Hell, even if it's just a "keep it up" we greatly appreciate it and will continue to do so. We do it because we believe in community. We do it because we enjoy being around others who seek the best in people, and we hope you do too. We hope that you wear our shirts proudly not for any monetary reason, but because we want to build this community and reach as many people as we can.

The Kensington Corner was created to support veterans, their health, and their mental health, and to bring business to veteran owned companies where everything is made right here in the USA. That may be old fashioned, but that's exactly how we like doing things around here, and we're going to keep it that way.

Best job I've ever had.


Looking Forward to the Future,

Samuel Reed Swidensky, COO

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