From the arctic circle to sunny California. The adventure it was meant to be.

Podcasting? Veterans? Did I ever think I would be a part of helping with both? Absolutely not in my wildest dreams. Fortunately, thanks to being a veteran and having a terrific network of connections and contacts as a result, here I find myself thoroughly indulged and involved in one of the top upcoming veteran based podcasts. So more specifically, who am I? Where do I come from? How exactly did I become involved with TKC? Missions, goals, etc? Well, here you go. 


To begin, I found myself being born into the natural military lifestyle. Much of my childhood was on, and around, an Army base. As a family generational combat veteran, and with the great General Stonewall Jackson in blood, I naturally and always had the soldier mentality in me. With a drive to join my families continuing Army “succession” per se, and still a time of war, I decided to join the Army myself upon graduating High School. Like my father (but separate of reasoning) I decided to join as a forward observer. From civil war cannons to howitzers and A-10’s, I felt my calling was certainly insight despite the generational gap. 

Shortly after graduating AIT (advanced individual training) I was sent to my first duty station- 25th Infantry division. Despite recovering from its last Iraq operation, they offered quick and fast paced training alongside soldier retention before a soon to be deployment to Afghanistan. Arriving to country with my new best friends and soon to be called “brothers”, I was thankful to be certified, well-trained, and experienced in calling in both fixed wing and rotary wing air attacks, artillery, and of course classic mortar fire. Doing so under pressure would surely be a new task though. Throughout the Army and  Afghanistan, much of my experience would be used and tested as I look back and truly miss those exciting and raw times. 

While I deeply, yet bittersweetly, enjoyed my time overseas, I was approaching the end of my contract in the Army. After lots of research, consideration & contemplation, I had decided to indeed leave the Active Army. 

Fast forwarding a few years, I truly struggled to find meaning in “civilian” society. Working standard civilian jobs from retail to warehouse, to more passionate work such like sound/mixing gigs, in addition to college under the G.I Bill. I kept on. Despite the govt contractor and overseas jobs I was presented, it just didn’t seem to do it for me... How could that be?  So many options and benefits? Whether it be me missing the vibes of a true brotherhood, simple overseas COP lifestyle, or perhaps the combat action, I always missed my time in the Army and felt I should seek out a job in which I can relate to others as such in the civilian sector. 

When not overseas and back home in Alaska, I was fortunate enough to come across the TKC host and Founder, Thomas Angel, as my superior NCO. One whom took me “under his wing” and lifestyle alike, I learned a lot about being not only a soldier, but more importantly a genuine person in general. Needless to say, we all found our separate ways in the past 5 years; however, Thomas held true to his roots of really helping veterans, as here we are with The Kensington Corner. Thankfully Thomas reached out to me upon the start of the podcast for editing tasks, as ever since I have been fully committed and thankful for the opportunity. After attending school for communications and audio engineering, I surely found my new home: The Kensington Corner. While we all have different stories and backgrounds, it’s without a doubt: Type A personalities with passion, motivation, and drive that have led us all together in this podcast and its continuing success. Thank you all for the support thus far and I look forward to continuing this mission here at TKC.


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