Thank you for your service.

It's a term I hear quite often, though this blog isn't going to be about that at all.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has bought a t-shirt these past 2 weeks since the launch. We've worked tirelessly both Trupatriot and our team here at TKC. We've received a ton of positive feedback on the shirt designs, material and overall wear and it is appreciated, trust me. 

Sam will be writing an article this weekend on what inspired him to drop The Brethren Collection and give an update of a couple more collections and ideas we have coming down the line. 

So thank you, truly. It means a lot to us how much people are reaching out and purchasing shirts and honestly we didn't expect to sell this many so quickly, especially during the Corona mess. (Applause for all our first responders and medical personnel out there, you guys are rock stars) 

Coming down the line we're going to start pushing towards a new camera set up for YouTube and looking to add visual to our audio to give viewers and listeners another approach to checking us out. Stay patient with us and we will always keep evolving and updating ourselves to strive to the best version of TKC we can be. If you're reading this use Promo Code- FIRST100 to get 10% off your next purchase. Thank you for your service.

Our one year anniversary will be coming up May 29th and it looks as if now we will be celebrating on June 5th at Long Tab Brewery. Cheers everyone!

-Tom, Chief Executive Officer

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