Let’s get technical

Aside from the podcast that we all hear, the behind the scenes is often unseen or not thought about. When you watch a movie, are you thinking about how it was made? Odds are well, no. Your simply watching & listening to the movie. This is almost entirely the same with podcasts and media productions alike. The hours and technical tasks behind the scenes are often under looked. With that said it takes a team to be successful, much like the military. I am more than proud to be a part of the team here at The Kensington Corner.

As we all wear multiple hats at TKC, thankfully, I have the privilege of handling the post-production & technical needs for the podcast, in which I can truly say is a pleasure. While I enjoy the podcast myself, naturally, “working” on it hardly feels like “work” at all. After all, how many of us get to listen to a podcast at work, let alone for work, right? Now, as I touched on before, the behind the scenes of the podcast is packed with countless hours, hard work, but more importantly my favorite: gear. From tactical gear, to camping gear, to audio gear, I love it all.  

But where is the best place to scope out new audio gear? One word. NAMM. Like many music and media professionals, the massive NAMM convention in Los Angeles is where we settled upon the equipment we would be using for the podcast. Now, this did not consist of simply testing some stuff out and flying home. Like our partnerships and sponsors, we here at TKC support products that we can stand behind, and with that, comes the people behind them! 

Sontronics did not fall short here. With not only quality microphones, but amazing staff and history, it wasn’t hard to settle on their new and upcoming microphones. We thank them for not only their products, but their due diligence in the audio industry as well. In addition to Sontronics, we are also proud to use MOTU equipment for some of our other audio & production needs. MOTU, situated just outside of Boston Massachusetts, again proved themselves to be a truly great company with unmatched professional, tested, equipment. We highly recommend either or these companies should you need to fulfill any audio equipment needs. It was a real pleasure meeting with these companies and we are proud to use their gear. 

Getting away from the “tech talk”, I must say the podcast is growing fast, and with that, so will the productions. I could not be more thrilled to delivery more great content in addition to sharing potentially  invaluable information to those, and FOR those whom really demand and deserve it: Veterans. 

I would like to wrap up this blog by thanking you all for listening to the podcast thus far and continuing to support and share The Kensington Corner. It truly is appreciated as we simply could not continue without you all: the listeners. Thank you! 


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