What Started It All

I was sitting in general chemistry, a 30 year old veteran who was in his second year at the University of Kansas. Still bitter at the military and somewhat disillusioned with the idea that my ten year career and four deployments were all washed away because of a freak knee injury. I spot a large human (I'm a tank, self admittedly but this dude was just large) It's Jeff.I eye his coyote tan back pack, infantry badges and overall composure up and down. I scoffed. Laughed. Shrugged my shoulders. Told myself I would probably not befriend this guy cause I didn't want to listen to anyone else's war stories. Well, I was wrong.

Jeff was unique, smart. We came together because we both did well at chemistry. Within a few weeks we're talking daily, becoming best friends. The start of the spring semester quickly approached and I shot the idea of us doing 5 am coffee once or twice a week to tell old stories of war history that we were both fans of. It turned out great, story after story we told. Laughing, crying, reminiscing on years that had passed us by, both jealous of our classmates youth but also enthralled with our own maturity and the wisdom that coursed it's way through our souls. "We're in our prime" I thought, I think we both thought that. 

Jeff brought up the idea of starting a podcast...I laughed out loud. I had quietly been stocking up on electronics, audio equipment and copyrights for ideas I had stuck in my head for years. I was on board before he could finish the sentence. So our journey began. I'm writing today, a year later, a year after we recorded the first episode. It has been a beautiful adventure,

Jeff and I have grown apart a bit which is normal. The podcast has taken over my life, Jeff is still an amazing co-host but with aspirations elsewhere. It's beautiful on both ends to see us both succeed and get what we want out of life.

We have a full team now, guys I'm not sure I would have made it this far without. We'll all be contributing blogs on here. Writing from different perspectives. Hoping to give you two or three a week creatively from all of us. Cheers and enjoy!


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