Our Journey

  • Pipe Hitter

    Thomas writes a review about the Sugar Skull Pipe hitter from Alpha Elite Performance.
  • Wounded by War

    Life lessons, good friends, and a dedicated path to success. Thank you, Kevin.
  • Thank you for your service.

    Tom reaches out and thanks all those who have purchased a shirt thus far while giving updates on what's in store in the near future.
  • From the arctic circle to sunny California. The adventure it was meant to be.

    Podcasting? Veterans? Did I ever think I would be a part of helping with both? Absolutely not in my wildest dreams. Fortunately, thanks to being a veteran and having a terrific network of connections and contacts as a result, here I find myself thoroughly indulged and involved in one of the top upcoming veteran based podcasts. So more specifically, who am I? Where do I come from? How exactly did I become involved with TKC? Missions, goals, etc? Well, here you go
  • What Started It All

    Tom and Jeff set out on a journey that has had many up and downs and now has an entire team dedicated to the cause. Let's take a look back at how it all began. Two friends journeyed together to embrace enough courage between the two to discuss issues that sometimes see foreign to a man's upbringing and culture. Unafraid and determined they set forth on this path that they still walk today. Things have changed, evolved, but the mission stays the same.